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We are not suppliers but Partners. We are not here to sell products but to build a path of innovation with you.

Why work with us?

Because we do what we promise. And that is no small thing.

We strongly believe that Information Technology is the lifeblood of every organization. Now, never before, this is evident and no longer needs to be explained to entrepreneurs and managers. But the important thing is that it has always been that way for us, ever since we were born. What changes are the technologies, the trends, the products but the goal remains the same: we help you do real innovation, we are the ones who take charge of complex infrastructures and assist you H24 with every technological need.

If you have reached this point in your reading, you may be wondering, "yes but everybody writes that..." 

True, everyone writes it, but how many do?

We'll give you the answer in a nutshell: We are different because we want to be different, that's the very reason we decided to start this venture, we were tired of hardware vendors and resellers of solutions designed for others, wewanted - andwe want - to be the ones you can turn to for new, innovative and possible solutions.

All with the guarantee of a team that studies and works every day to acquire new certifications and skills in the international field. If you don't believe us CALL US.

They have already chosen us (1)

2020 alone we have already completed more than 180 projects.

Workteam has a team of experts certified in the latest technologies and solutions to be able to support your every IT need. Whether it's custom software, datacenter management, network management, cyber security or compliance, we are here to join your business knowledge with an operational arm.

Do you have more questions? See what they say about us

"We were looking for a solution that could solve our complex network configuration problems, and Workteam came up with an innovative NAC design that saved us a lot of time. "
Anna Brown
CEO of Regions
"Workteam has always done what it promised, and to me that is the most important thing! "

Diego Martin
IT Admin MediaTech
"The professionalism with which Lorenzo and the rest of the team carry out their projects is something admirable. We will definitely do many more things together."
Davide Verdelli
IT Manager CFSA
IT consulting

We support Clients in their Digital ambitions.

Every day we get up with the will to help our clients in finding the best solutions. Whether it is the outsourced management of IT infrastructure, an IT Vulnerability analysis or the development of a Digital Transformation project, each task is handled with the utmost professionalism and commitment. 

If you are looking for support in resolving IT issues or if you are unhappy with your current provider send us a request. The first consultation is always free 🙂

At Workteam we have created a team dedicated to developing solutions for Process Automation in both BPM and RPA. We integrate third-party solutions with software of our own design to always offer you the best.

Workteam is your trusted MSP to whom you can entrust the care of your IT infrastructure. So you no longer have to think about backup and disaster recovery, patches and updates, virtual machines and IT security. Check out our Managed Service price list.

Don't worry, we're here for you. Send us a request and we will analyze your infrastructure or IT services you require support for. We have a whole team of specialists ready to follow up with you!

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