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When technology enables progress, Eset® protects it.

Prevent your data breach with Eset digital security solutions.

Who is ESET?

For more than 30 years, ESET® has been developing industry-leading IT security software and services for businesses and private consumers worldwide. ESET has pioneered multi-layered threat detection, machine learning andcloud technologies that prevent, detect and respond to malware.

Why choose ESET?

ESET has more than 30 years of technology-driven innovation and provides the most advanced cybersecurity solutions on the market. Endpoint protection is based on ESET's unique LiveSense® multi-layered security technologies, combined with the continued use of machine learning and cloud computing. Backed by the world's best threat intelligence and research, ESET products offer the perfect balance of prevention, detection and response capabilities. ESET delivers high usability and unprecedented speed, ensuring maximum protection.


High Detection

Low Performance Impact

Easy of use

Why do customers value ESET as a security management solution?

Real-time visibility

Up-to-date information and customized notifications enable IT staff to react promptly to risks that may have developed.

Local approach

ESET is a multinational company with more than 110 million agents worldwide thanks to which it manages to support its customers globally but with a local approach by providing technical support and SOC services with an all-Italian team.

One-click management

Intelligent default policies and automated tasks help IT administrators save time and provide better protection from future attacks.

Advanced reporting

Easily meet reporting requirements and save time with scheduled reports and dozens of customizable templates.

The multilevel approach to security

A single layer of defense is not enough in today's constantly evolving threat landscape. ESET has developed a multi-level protection system composed of proprietary technologies that work together. These technologies, found in ESET LiveSense, go far beyond the capabilities of basic antivirus. ESET was an early adopter of cloud technology and pioneered advanced machine learning to combat emerging threats. These advances are the result of the work of the R&D team that has been researching malware threats and developing innovative security solutions for more than three decades.

ESET Digital Security
Progress. Protected.

Would you like to know how much it costs?

As an authorized ESET partner, we have all the resources to help you minimize cyber threats and protect your data. Request a quote and within 24 hours we will be with you with all the answers.