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Minimize cyber threats with Forescout

Get complete visibility of your devices and OT/ICS resources

What is eyeInspect from Forescout?

With Forescout eyeInspect you can manage operational and cyber risks effectively and in real time. You also have complete visibility of OT/ICS resources and in cyber threat detection.

Benefits for your business

Complete visibility of the OT network

Get a complete view of all devices connected to your network through a 'careful packet inspection of all industrial network protocols and basic resources. Enhance your security and defend your network with thousands of threat indicators specific to OT networks. With eyeInspect you can achieve complete visibility of your OT network with a Risk Framework Asset.

Risk assessment

You can get a complete picture of the cyber and operational risk situation through intuitive risk scores and automated compliance assessments.

OT resource inventory

All your connected IP and serial devices will be captured in a unified, comprehensive, real-time inventory.

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Why are we sure you are interested in eyeInspect?

Visibility and classification deepened devices without agents

Continuously discover (passively and/or actively), classify, and monitor OT network devices for a comprehensive inventory of the OT resources of IP and serial devices connected to the network.

ICS/OT threat detection and baselining

Establish the baseline of allowable network behavior using thousands of ICS/OT-specific indicators and queries.

Third-party integrations

Quickly integrates with ServiceNow and native interfaces with solutions such as SIEM, firewalls, IT resource management, sandboxes, and authentication servers.

Real-time compliance and abnormal behavior analysis

Collect data in an automated way, including detailed reports on network traffic anomalies, for real-time policy compliance and analysis of anomalous behavior.

Automates threat detection, monitoring and removal

Uses investigation and alert response tools for threat detection with a dashboard that improves collaboration among users.

Optimized risk analysis

It aggregates thousands of alerts and millions of logs based on their risk level and cause.

How does it work?

Gives you visibility into all devices in your OT network

Get a detailed, accurate, real-time inventory of all IP and serial devices, including HMIs, SCADA, PLCs, controllers, sensors, meters, and I/O.

Detects and focuses attention on cyber threats

It uses ICS/OT-specific known and unknown threat checks and indicators, as well as detects any changes in the network.

It helps you know in real time the devices you have

By knowing the devices you have and their activity you can quickly prioritize threats and respond more effectively.

It gets the right data to the right people

From OT engineers to IT/SOC analysts-using SIEM solutions or common ticketing systems such as ServiceNow.

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What is eyeControl from Forescout?

eyeControl provides flexible network access control by preventing unauthorized access and cyber attacks for heterogeneous enterprise networks. It enforces and automates Zero Trust policies for least privilege network access for all managed and unmanaged connected devices in your Enterprise of Things.

You also manage to take action to limit threats, incidents, and compliance gaps with confidence.

Benefits for your business

Implements secure network access

Implements network access based on user (employee, guest, contractor), device classification, and security position of networks-in any heterogeneous network with or without 802.1X.

Improves device compliance

Automates compliance assessment and initiates remediation workflows to enforce compliance with internal security policies, external standards, and industry regulations that protect data.

Accelerating incident response

Quickly and effectively contain cyber threats by automating security incident response, thereby minimizing disruption of operations and business damage.

How does it work?

At the heart of eyeControl is an intuitive and flexible policy engine that allows you to automate and apply granular and targeted control actions. This Zero Trust policy engine provides:

Group devices by business logic and context, enabling targeted control actions

Use Boolean logic and cascading policies to implement sophisticated control workflows

Automates cybersecurity policies using native controls or initiating two-way workflows with external vendors

Manually initiates control actions and gradually increases automation for more efficient security operations

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