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Real-time protection, superior performance and simplified operations with Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Networks, integration and automation for future-proof cybersecurity.

What does Palo Alto offer?

  • Palo Alto Networks' inline deep learning capabilities offer the industry's first evasive threat prevention, blocking more than 40 percent more DNS attack vectors than the leading competitor and any other vendor.
  • Palo Alto Networks NGFWs consistently deliver 30 percent higher performance with security services enabled in independent third-party tests, such as Miercom's test reports for all use cases, including branch and remote offices, campuses, headquarters, and data centers.
  • Our next-generation technology results in cost savings over other solutions with simplified operations, including unified management.

Why choose Palo Alto?

  • Uniform and proactive approach to security (same features are available for available platforms/solutions)
  • Ease of management: systems operate natively at the application level, simplifying daily operations and activities
  • Native integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reduce the daily operational overhead required of customers' technical teams
  • Automatic recognition of more than 5000 applications
  • Technologies that leverage real-time protection leveraging the world's largest security community


Machine learning-based protection with deep learning.

Zero Trust

Continuous reliability verification and continuous safety inspection.

Superior performance

High throughput while incorporating unprecedented features and technological innovations.

Real-time protection against zero-day and highly evasive threats

Only Palo Alto Networks' NGFWs offer machine learning-based protection with inline deep learning that blocks more threats than other solutions.

Palo Alto Networks is the only NGFW vendor to stop patient zero, with the industry's first real-time protection against zero-day and highly evasive threats.

With 15 years of industry-leading innovations continuing with PAN-OS® 10.2 Nebula, we have forever changed the way network security will be ensured, blocking never-before-seen threats without compromising performance.

Enterprise Zero Trust security for all users and all apps in all locations

  • Palo Alto Networks' NGFWs provide fundamental Zero Trust components based on the principles of minimal privilege access, continuous reliability verification , and continuous security inspection.
  • Palo Alto Networks offers true Zero Trust security with natively integrated solutions that provide continuous reliability verification without compromising performance.
  • Palo Alto Networks provides continuous security monitoring for all apps, users, and devices, withtraffic inspection to prevent all threats, including highly evasive and never-before-seen threats.

Superior performance

  • Palo Alto Networks' Single-Pass Parallel Processing (SP3) architecture enables high throughput while incorporating unprecedented features and technological innovations.
  • In a third-party validation test, Palo Alto Networks' NGFWs performed 30 percent better than the leading competitor in all parameters tested, including application traffic.
  • Palo Alto Networks' NGFWs maintained predictable throughput with cloud-enabled security services provided.

Would you like to know how much it costs?

As an authorized Palo Alto partner, we have all the resources to help you minimize cyber threats and protect your data. Request a quote and within 24 hours we will be with you with all the answers.