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Tailored solutions

We are your IT Partner for Infrastructure Management and IT Services. So you can dedicate yourself to growing your Business. 

We'll take care of the rest!

Digital Solutions

Find the solution that's right for you, we'll take care of the rest!

IT Outsourcing Services

We offer 24/7 IT Infrastructure management solutions. Support is carried out by real people who support you when there is a need.

Cloud architectures

Whether it is the first step to the Cloud or a consolidation of services in multi-cloud environments, Workteam will help you find the right solution for you.

Network and Datacenter

Unify your networks with new intelligent systems designed to give you back control of your network while letting you sleep soundly.

Process Automation

We help you simplify and automate your business processes by creating digital workflows that interface with the
rest of your business.

Cyber Security

Protect data and users with simple and intuitive tools
that solve your IT Compliance and Security problems.

Digital Transformation

We develop digitization projects with you using AI, ML and Blockchain to bring
innovative solutions to life.

Are you looking for IT solutions?

Discover Virtus Flow

Learn how to automate your business with the Virtus Flow BPM solution. Save up to 80% time. Virtus Flow is the leading solution in the Digital Process Automation and BPM world.

Design your workflows in minutes, assign resources and tasks, send notifications with a click. Workteam will help you integrate your business applications with the Virtus Flow process orchestrator. Based on Open API standards you will have a set of tools to map your APIs and Integrations.

NAC Solutions

Workteam is a Forescout Partner, a market-leading NAC - Network Access Control - solution. We help you manage your network in a secure, compliant and automated way. Design your IIoT devices by identifying vulnerabilities in your network and isolate potentially malicious behavior. Take control of your network with the most advanced Visibility tool!

DLP Simplified

ITsMine is the DLP - Data Loss Prevention solution that allows you to sleep soundly. With an average of 196 days to remediate a "data breach" occurring from the inside, it is easy to understand how important it is to have simple but adequate tools to protect your data.

Historically, DLPs were cumbersome solutions that forced the organization to make significant investments. ITsMine wins over all because it is up and running in less than 48 hours. In addition to the user cost-less than a coffee a day!

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