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Process Automation

If you want to be competitive in today's market, the first step is to digitize your processes. Workteam accompanies you on the automation journey, guaranteeing certain results without surprises.

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Improve your company's processes to be more competitive!

Process Mapping

There is no automation without existing process knowledge. Workteam has developed proprietary process mapping applications using international frameworks. 

Process Automation

Reduce repetitive and manual operations by up to 80 percent with leading technologies that help you digitize processes. Robotic Process Automation and Digital Process Automation are your allies in workflow automation.


The node of integration with existing systems has always been a concern for Operations and IT Managers. That's why we have developed a set of Connectors that can unite all your business applications.

Workteam has developed proprietary solutions forprocess automation with specific focus in Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance and Transportation

Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Virtus Flow, it is able to offer the best process automation services without having to invest exorbitant amounts of money.

To guarantee the result for the Client, we always offer a 30-day POC that demonstrates how repetitive tasks can be eliminated while saving up to 80% of time.

Discover Virtus Flow, the next generation BPM!

Innovative BPM

Virtus Flow is the market-leading solution for automating your business processes. Discover how to digitize your business quickly and easily. Design your processes in minutes and harness the power of automation to eliminate bottlenecks and repetitive tasks.


Process Mapping governs all activities that aim to map and document business processes. Be they Customer-related or back-office, the goal is to define their steps, their logical links, the personnel involved, and the triggering actions.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is the concise definition of applications dedicated to process automation that rely on robots. These robots are software that can simulate, at high speed and without error, human behavior in highly repetitive processes. Reconciliation operations, data cleansing from external sources, formal verification of digital documents, and more can be fully automated using robots.

In contrast, RPA is not the right solution when flexibility is needed in processes where humans and their ability to make decisions are focal.

BPM - Busiess Process Management systems are not necessarily obsolete, however in recent years new technologies have led to the adoption of innovative or Intelligent Automation-related BPM. These new software programs aim to automate workflows using very intuitive and simple graphical interfaces.

DPA - Digital Process Automation solutions that represent the evolution of the BPM world toward Intelligent Automation have also appeared on the market in recent years. Virtus Flow is one of them. 

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