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Cloud Journey

The Cloud is the practical answer for many processing and application needs. Learn how to get the most out of scalable architectures between Public, Hybrid and Private Clouds.

The Cloud for All

Your path from monolithic to Serverless

Private Cloud

Traditional datacenters have evolved with new powerful and scalable infrastructure. A true Cloud system where resources are shared among multiple applications to best serve your business.

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud was created to bridge the gap between public and private enterprise cloud services. It is an architecture that wants to consider the distribution of services according to what is most convenient or needed.

Public Cloud

Born with the first e-mail services, it has now become the autostrate on which most of the SaaS services we use every day run. Find out how it can benefit your business.

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What we think about it

Many people still think of the Cloud as simply a consolidation of resources in an internal or external datacenter. In reality, the Cloud is a set of technologies that enable next-generation architectures where the focus is on improving services. The real goal of the Cloud is to provide new tools to enable digital applications and services.

Workteam is your trusted Partner in Cloud infrastructure architecture, migration and management projects.

The Cloud is not an Outsourced datacenter. It is much more 🙂

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Cloud computing denotes, in computer science, a paradigm of service delivery offered on-demand by a provider to an end customer over the Internet (such as datastorage,processing, or transmission) from a set of pre-existing, configurable, and remotely available resources in the form of a distributed architecture

This means being able to have always-on-demand disk space, computational power, network and Cloud-native services such as Big-Data Analytics processing engines or Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence engines.

There is no single answer for everyone but certainly one thing everyone agrees on. The Cloud is a highly scalable (we can say infinitely scalable) architecture that is capable of providing the services and infrastructure necessary for the ideation, development and management of next-generation applications.

Many associate Cloud with Enterprise companies, and while it is true that these were the first to use it, it is also true that Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses of any size.

To answer this question properly, it is best to be able to briefly analyze the Client's needs and the current specifications of the services in use. But the following three questions can serve as a guide:

  1. Am I using On-Premise or Cloud services?
  2. Do I have applications that would benefit from performance or scalability in the cloud?
  3. Do I have an outdated infrastructure and/or compliance issues?

The response to these applications may determine how Cloud services can be enabling drivers of innovation.

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