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The network is like the highway on which traffic travels, regulating it and keeping it flowing is what sets us apart from others.

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Virtualization, but not only that.

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The world of hyperconvergence is the latest evolution of virtualization with the ability to unite the management of all physical and virtual resources under a single orchestrator. And don't think that it is only the preserve of large entities. Today hyperconvergence is within everyone's reach.

Digital Workspace

Perhaps the biggest evolution in Client-Desktop in the last 20 years, the Digital Workspace aims to extend the functions of the traditional Client with the world of digital applications. Find out how you can support Remote Working with Workteam Digital Workspace solutions.


Networking has failed! Long live Networking! For those who are not novices to this work know that networking is perhaps one of the aspects on which there has been the most innovation because today everything we use comes through there. That is why a proper networking infrastructure is a must today.

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With our dedicated expertise and services, we help you efficiently design, implement, and manage the next-generation data center.

In addition, with the highly specialized services provided by the Workteam NOC platform, the management of your IT infrastructure will have all the support it needs, with the assurance of proactive and reliable service.

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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Hyperconvergence is the latest frontier in virtualization. In a nutshell, software (hypervisor) is used to link the hardware world (servers, storage and networking) to ensure the availability of resources to Virtual Machines. This does not sound very different from standard virtualization. In fact, Hyper-convergence eliminates the concept of Physical Storage in favor of a Virtualized Storage layer. Of course, there are always storage devices but these are managed autonomously by the virtualizer.

There is no single answer for everyone but certainly one thing everyone agrees on. The Cloud is a highly scalable (we can say infinitely scalable) architecture that is capable of providing the services and infrastructure necessary for the ideation, development and management of next-generation applications.

Many associate Cloud with Enterprise companies, and while it is true that these were the first to use it, it is also true that Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses of any size.

To answer this question properly, it is best to be able to briefly analyze the Client's needs and the current specifications of the services in use. But the following three questions can serve as a guide:

  1. Am I using On-Premise or Cloud services?
  2. Do I have applications that would benefit from performance or scalability in the cloud?
  3. Do I have an outdated infrastructure and/or compliance issues?

The response to these applications may determine how Cloud services can be enabling drivers of innovation.

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