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IT Outsourcing Services

Our MSP services are designed to be supportive of your IT and take care of the management, maintenance and monitoring of your Information System. 

Managed Service Provider

H24 Services with Dedicated Staff


Managed Services allow you to focus on your business by delegating management to Workteam.

We customize each contract to ensure you meet the service your business expects.

IT inventory and MDM

With our IT Inventory and Asset Management software we will help you keep track of all your Devices. Add MDM service to ensure complete management of Devices wherever they are.


To sleep soundly, it is necessary to know what is happening at any given time.

Workteam offers you H24 IT Monitoring and NOC services with customizable service levels and dedicated staff to support your IT.

The continuous evolution of the market has led to the need for new measures to ensure the delivery of IT services. For example, until a few years ago, e-mail was important but not essential. Today no one could work without access to mail. Similarly, all IT services have become essential and critical.

We know how difficult it is to keep everything running. Given the continuous evolution of technology, one is forced to delegate some of the services to third parties.

That's why we offer you custom-designed management, control, monitoring and updating services.

Managed Services

Managed services refers to a mix of activities that aim to ensure continuity of IT services at peak performance, and include:

  • The design of an intervention plan with guaranteed SLAs
  • The analysis of the infrastructure and applications
  • The analysis of internal and external vulnerabilities (Networking, WAN, Published Applications...).
  • The monitoring of systems
  • The inventory of IT assets
  • Log (syslog) collection for compliance and access tracking
  • The maintenance of IT systems
  • Intervention following accidents or breakdowns


Yes! One of the most appreciated services is the NOC - Network Operation Center - service offered in H24 mode to all our Customers. We have customizable plans with different SLAs and modes of intervention following failures or incidents.

SOC or Security Operation Center is a managed cyber vulnerability analysis service that generally uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to correlate alerts from different IT equipment. Modern cyber security risk analysis techniques use the SOC as a baseline for detecting anomalous situations that could lead to data loss.

Traditionally, companies have invested in managing systems in-house with dedicated IT staff. However, increasing digitization has shifted IT services from business support to Core. A hardware, software or network malfunction costs tens of thousands (if not millions). Therefore, outsourced IT services ensure that IT can focus on supporting the business by delegating routine infrastructure and security management to a trusted partner. This provides financial savings and greater peace of mind for the customer.

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