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Cyber Security

Workteam offers a fresh approach to security with a mix of technologies and services to project your business from hackers, data loss and disruption.

A suite of data protection solutions

IT Security for Your Systems

Data protection

We design a data protection strategy with you from devices to network protection via Web applications and SOC continuous monitoring systems.

Security Monitoring

We monitor your systems H24 to provide continuous protection from internal and external IT threats. We check vulnerabilities constantly to avoid flaws.

DLP and Compliance

Data Loss Prevention and Compliance go hand in hand to ensure your compliance with current regulations and protection against data theft and ransomware.

Application Security

We guide our clients in adopting the Security by Design framework to build secure Web Applications from birth. Learn how you can design scalable and secure architectures.

Business Continuity

IT security also means data availability at all times and situations. We design intelligent systems that guarantee you data availability at all times, no matter what happens.


"Knowledge sets you free," the same goes for cybersecurity. We train your staff to know how to respond to potential dangers such as phishing, ransomware attacks, attempted intrusions, and data theft.

Until a few years ago, when people talked about IT Security they referred to peripheral protection devices such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Antivirus and enterprise policies.

With the exponential growth of IoT and Industrial IoT devices, all sectors have seen a meteoric rise in cyber threats, ransomware and black market information sales.

The Cloud, contrary to what one might imagine, turns out to be a more secure solution than many today thanks to architectures born according to the concepts of "Security by Design."

Therefore, as Workteam, we have developed a framework for protecting data from the beginning (moment of origin) to the end (moment of user enjoyment) using a mix of adhoc technologies and services.


The European GDPR regulation provides for a series of procedures and regular checks to ensure that personal data are processed correctly. One of the main rights on which it is based is the "right to be forgotten" or the deletion of personal data at the request of the owner. This element, along with many others, simple in itself, brings what itself a number of complexities. For example, the need to track the data within the company. Knowing who has access to what and how it was used. On top of that, the legislation requires reporting to the data protection officer of any data breaches-an element that without monitoring systems is particularly difficult. Ultimately, GDPR is not about buying software or a firewall. It is a new and structured approach to data protection. It can be implemented in non-invasive ways and without investing significant sums of money as long as one is familiar with the company's document processes and procedures.

Ransomware as well as zero-day attacks are becoming increasingly common. Many people think that criminal activity is, as in the movies, in the charge of a few individual malicious individuals. The fact of the matter is that digital crime today is organized and has billion-dollar budgets at its disposal. Because there is a lot of money behind these organizations. That is why protecting data from theft or ransom demands is by no means a given, and a simple antivirus or sandbox is not enough. It requires an organized plan that starts with user training and gradually inserts smart technologies to reduce threats.

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